Lockdown Zoom Chats

Join casting directors Luci Lenox, Orla O'Connor and Louise Kiely as they discuss everything casting!

Hosted by Kristen Dania.

Casting Directors Luci Lenox, Orla O'Connor and Louise Kiely

Luci Lenox is the founder of Frankstein Studios and has been casting for over 15 years. She has worked on successes of the past years 'Perfume' by Tom Tykwer, 'Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona' Woody Allen, 'Cold Light of Day' Mabrouk el Mechri and "Don t Grow Up" by Thierry Poiraud being rolling in the Canaries this March 2014.

Orla O'Connor is an independent Casting Director based in Edinburgh. She has worked in the industry since 2000, developing a strong, comprehensive knowledge of the finest acting talent in the UK and Ireland.

Louise Kiely has been recently nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Casting For A Limited Series for Normal People (BBC and HULU). Louise has a Degree in Law from University College Cork. She also trained at The Gaiety School of Acting. She was an Actor for a period before setting up Louise Kiely Casting in 2005.