Our behind the camera diversity fuels our creativity.

At Frank Studio Casting, our team is truly international, with professionals from Spain, Italy, Scotland,Portugal, England, Ireland, Mexico, the USA, Curaçao, Armenia and Argentina. This rich blend of perspectives helps us meet the global needs of our projects, ensuring authentic representation both behind and in front of the camera.

Anabel Pereda | FranksteinStudio

Anabel Pereda

Office Manager

Nicolás Parilla | FranksteinStudio

Nicolás Parilla

Project Manager (Commercial dept.)

Marta Guardincerri | FranksteinStudio

Marta Guardincerri

Commercial Casting Director

Adriana Garcia i Quintana | FranksteinStudio

Adriana Garcia i Quintana

Production Assistant (Commercial dept.)

Nestor Pérez | FranksteinStudio

Nestor Pérez

Technical Head of Technical Team

Carlos Toca | FranksteinStudio

Carlos Toca

Casting Session Director

Nacho Femenia | FranksteinStudio

Nacho Femenia

Technical Team

Kristen Dania | FranksteinStudio

Kristen Dania

Casting Session Director

Mike Cater | FranksteinStudio

Mike Cater

Fiction Casting Associate

Albert Riballo | FranksteinStudio

Albert Riballo

Casting Session Director

Sam Kurt | FranksteinStudio

Sam Kurt

Casting Assistant & Technician Team

André Verde | FranksteinStudio

André Verde

Community Coordinator at The Actors Home